From the dark to the light / Verdades que duelen

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Hello fitfam, yes I am one of those freaks too. That is the answer to my clue number 3.

I love food, I exercise to eat whatever I want. Of course that I take care of my body but I always had an athletic body, I have been playing sports my entire life.

They used to called me “little earthquake” (in Spanish which is “terremotico”) because as the word describes it, I was never somebody who stayed calm. Just imagine a little girl and when I say little I really meant it, with blonde and very long hair running EVERYWHERE.

Yes, that was me.

I am still that super hyper girl that is always ready to move.

I suffered a little trauma during my last years as a teen. I was taller than must of the girls, much more muscular and therefore thicker, but I wasn’t flat…

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