Masdar: The City of The Future


Masdar City will be the most sustainable urban development in the world. Powered by renewable energy, Masdar City combines passive and intelligent design to showcase how an urban environment can accommodate denser populations with fewer resources.


Masdar pursues clean, renewable energy development through two investment vehicles. Masdar Clean Energy builds some of the world’s most sophisticated and commercially driven clean energy projects. With a focus on mature technologies in solar and wind power, Masdar Clean Energy has invested over $1.7bn of equity across projects with a total value over $6.4bn.


Research and Development

Masdar Institute is an independent, graduate-level research university dedicated to advancing renewable energy and sustainable technologies. Anchored by highly specialised labs and a world-class faculty, students at the institute are engaged in the following studies:

Research Themes

-Water, Environment and Health
-Energy Systems
-Micro-systems and Advanced Materials

Project Areas

-Biomass-derived fuels
-Smart-grid applications
-Saltwater desalination
-Energy-efficiency technologies


Consultancy Services

Masdar offers two distinct consultancy services — project management in renewable energy and clean technology, and sustainability integration services.

The integrated project management consultancy of Masdar Special Projects is focused on project delivery aided by business and applications development. The team manages the process from initial client contact and idea generation to project completion and delivery.

Masdar’s sustainability team works on a wide variety of external projects, including consultancy work with other Abu Dhabi government entities such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Emirates Identity Authority.


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