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Well i don’t know exactly why i create this blog but i think it will be fun. It was a beautiful rainy day… When i create this blog and now i am going to tell you a little from me..

My name is Rodrigo de Almeida, i am 15 years old. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. When i was born i lived in Portugal for 2 years and then i moved back to Venezuela. I studied in a school, I learned to speak and write english and spanish perfectly. 12 years later i moved to Lisbon, Portugal. Now i am living Lisbon and now i am learning to speak portuguese and french in school.

I moved to portugal because of the situation in Venezuela like for example when you go to the market there is no food and when there is food the prices are extremely high, you can’t go to the street and walk because is not safe and a dictatorial government

Another reason is because of my father job because the government is not letting my father company work.

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