IN A PRESS CONFERENCE ON climate change, President Obama stated that: “2014 was the planet’s warmest year on record. Now, one year doesn’t make a trend, but this does – 14 of the 15 warmest years on record have all fallen in the first 15 years of this century.” And while the internet fought over the semantics of that statement, now that we’re living in 2015 we’re experiencing the beginning of what scientists and ecologists are viewing as the oncoming climate change apocalypse.

1. Record-melting heat waves are actually cooking our planet.

It’s hard to refute the idea of “global warming” when our planet is getting certifiably warmer, with record heat waves breaking across PakistanIranIndiaEurope, and Japan that have melted sidewalks, and already literally killed thousands of people.

2. Severe droughts and falling water levels around the country and around the world are taking a serious toll.

We know that California is in the midst of the worst drought in the history of California, but what’s getting remarkably little press is the fact that Washington is also in the midst of one of the worst droughts experienced in recorded history, that Puerto Rico is actually rationing water (in what, frankly, sounds like the closest to Mad Max reality has ever been), falling sea levels have affected cargo shipments and boat-traffic on the Danube, and in Brazil, South Africa, and North Korea droughts are having palpable and devastating repercussions on reservoirs and food production.

3. Carbon is becoming a very real problem with far-reaching consequences.

As a factor of the drought, the world’s forests are no longer able to capture and process as much carbon as they would under normal climate conditions, which we know already barely puts a dent in the human-related carbon impact as-is. And believe it or not, the jeopardy of our “clean breathing air” is not the worst bi-product of this problem. It turns out the majority of our CO2 is subsequently left to dissolve into our oceans, producing carbonic acid that is literally changing the pH and acidity of the waters, wiping out devastating amounts of plankton (a keystone species in virtually all marine ecosystems), and even dissolving the shells of small aquatic snails.

4. The majority of the Earth’s oceans have never been this hot, for this long, and it’s changing everything from marine life to the weather.

Several months ago the tragic photo of Alaska went viral, capturing the largest ever mass migration of walruses south in search of Arctic ice, but what was demonstrated in that photo was just the tip of the rapidly-dwindling iceberg. In the North Pacific, a new and inexplicable mass of warmer waters between Hawaii, Baja California, and Alaska have all-but-cooked keystone species, wreaking havoc on those renowned biodiverse marine ecosystems and driving native species further and further (sometimes thousands of miles in the case of the blue marlin) in search of more habitable waters. It’s also lead to one of the largest widespread declines in reefs in recent history, with estimates of possible permanent loss at upwards of 6% by the end of the end of the decade.

As the oceans continue to warm and ice shelves continue to melt, large pockets of hotter and cooler waters are continuing to form scattered across the oceans, shifting the temperatures and patterns of the prevailing winds and jet streams that have, according to some scientists, directly impacted weather diversity and contributed to the long, dry spells of California’s drought, and the harsh and extreme winters we’ve seen across the country the last few years. And this is exactly why climate scientists are extra worried about the oncoming El Niño that’s formed out in the Pacific.

5. And it’s all coming to a head with the salmon.

I know, it seems outrageous to think that the impact on salmon could possibly be on-par with the thousands of people dying under the oppressive heat waves or the collapse of whole marine ecosystems, but follow me for a minute. Another keystone species, salmon are responsible for the nontrivial contribution of nitrogen to the coastal environments they habitat and spawn from. Nitrogen, being the main nutrient for protein production in plants as well as a key ingredient of photosynthesis, is essential for helping along all of those trees who aren’t drawing enough CO2 out of the air. And as the water across the West Coast of the US continues to heat up and water-levels continue to lower, the salmon now literally require teams of conservationists to physically truck them out to waters deep and cool enough to give them even a halfway-decent shot at survival. But in the effort to keep the salmon from going completely extinct, they’re also being transplanted into completely new and different environments and out of the ecosystems that depend on them.

So rapidly dwindling salmon means less coastal nitrogen in places like California. Less nitrogen, coupled with the low waters that are killing off the salmon are affecting forests’ abilities to remove carbon from the air. Increases in CO2 have a certifiable impact on atmospheric insulation (contributing to the overall heat of the planet), and are promoting the acidification of our oceans. As the oceans continue to heat up and the ice shelves continue to melt, those hot-cold pockets will continue to form, wreaking havoc on marine ecosystems and pushing weather patterns to the extremes, including (but not limited to) widespread droughts.

And that brings us back to the dwindling salmon.

I couldn’t begin to propose how we’d go about fixing climate change, or halting what already seems like rapidly falling dominos aimed at the eventual collapse of a habitable planet for all living things. But what I can say is that whether or not 2014 was the “hottest year in recorded history,” 2015 is well on its way to breaking all the records, and who knows where we’ll be in 2016. And if by now somehow you’ve still managed to convince yourself that climate change isn’t really happening, then the only thing I know of that pairs well with your blissful ignorance is an extra-tall glass of water and a nice big salmon fillet.


BECAUSE OF ITS TROPICAL LOCATION AND UNIQUE GEOGRAPHY, Hawaii is the most biodiverse state in the United States and one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. Unfortunately though, it also has the highest rate of extinction per square mile on Earth. With global climate change causing a rise in ocean and air temperatures, shifts in currents and weather patterns, and an increase in the formation of large storms in the Pacific, species are dying out faster than ever. Here are 10 species from Hawaii that may not be around much longer.

1. Corals


When ocean temperatures rise corals expel their zooxanthellae, the photosynthetic algae they rely on for energy. This process, called bleaching, is deadly to corals if water temperatures remain high. Making matters worse, acidification of the ocean caused by the absorption of atmospheric carbon dioxide, prevents corals from building calcium carbonate skeletons. When corals cannot make and deposit calcium carbonate, reefs cannot grow and repair themselves. Scientists expect that Hawaii will suffer its worst run of coral bleaching this year, due to ocean temperatures around the Islands being between 3°F and 6°F higher than normal.

2. Hawaiian monk seal

Overfishing, disease, and drowning due to entanglement in fishing gear reduced the monk seal population to just over 1,000 individuals in 2010. Although strong conservation efforts by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA) have helped increase monk seal populations in the main Hawaiian islands, warming ocean temperatures and sea level rise are a new threat to pupping beaches. The loss of corals further complicates matters. The fish that the monk seals depend on for food require a healthy reef ecosystem, which they no longer have.

3. Green sea turtle

Warmer air temperatures increase the temperature of the sand where turtles go to lay their eggs. This can lead to changes in the sex ratio of hatchling turtles threatening the ability of future generations to reproduce. Turtles also rely heavily on reef ecosystems for food, and like the monk seal, the loss of corals means the loss of the ecosystem that provides food for the turtles. Warmer waters also cause changes in currents, which can alter turtle migration paths and feeding patterns.

4. Hawksbill sea turtle

Found in waters off every main Hawaiian island, the hawksbill sea turtle nests on nine beaches on the Big Island, Moloka’i, and Maui. It is threatened by nesting habitat loss, predation, and poaching by jewelry makers who use their shell illegally. Like the green sea turtle, warming ocean temperatures complicate matters by threatening their food sources and migration patterns.

5. Silverswords


There are five species of silverswords in the world and all of them live on Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, and Haleakala, the highest mountains in Hawaii. The beautiful silver plants thrive in dry, high-altitude locations by using fine hair-like structures to gather water from atmospheric moisture. Shifting weather patterns have created drier, warmer conditions and new seedlings are struggling to survive to reproductive age. Recent research provides strong evidence that climate change is the largest threat to these plants today.

6. Honeycreepers

Honeycreepers were once a group of more than forty unique species of songbirds, but today less than 15 species remain. Habitat loss due to ranching activities, predation by feral cats and mongoose, and the spread of avian malaria by non-native mosquitos all contribute to the endangered status of these birds. Warmer air temperatures and changing rainfall patterns currently threaten the plant species the birds rely on for food, making it nearly impossible for populations to recover. Critically endangered honeycreepers on the Big Island, Maui and Kaua’i include: Kiwikui (Maui), ‘Akohekohe (Maui), Pu’ouli (Hawai’i), Palila (Hawai’i), Akikiki (Kaua’i) and Akeke’e (Kaua’i).

On Hawaii’s most populated island, O’ahu, every single species of honeycreepers has gone extinct.

7. Pueo


The pueo is a species of short-eared owl that lives between sea level and 7,000 feet on every Hawaiian island. Because they are ground nesting birds, their eggs and chicks are vulnerable to predation by non-native dogs, cats, rats and mongoose. Human activity has greatly reduced the number of available native food sources, so now the birds primarily eat disease and pesticide carrying mice and rats. The largest threats to pueo at this time are nest predation by non-native species, vehicle collision, and infectious disease.

8. Ma’o hau hele


The ma’o ha hele is Hawaii’s state flower. It’s a hibiscus and is native to dry forest and shrub land from 400 to 2,600 feet above sea level. It blooms in spring through early summer and though rare, can still be found on all the main Hawaiian islands. Changing weather patterns and habitat loss threaten the species existence in the wild.

9. Anchialine pool shrimp

Found only on the Big Island of Hawai’i, this shrimp lives in landlocked bodies of water that have underground connections to the ocean. Siltation caused by development is harming the algae, bacteria, and small invertebrates the shrimp eats and thus threatening the survival of the shrimp.

10. Koki’o tree


With only 10 individuals known to exist in the wild, the koki’o is highly endangered. Changes in rainfall and temperature due to warming ocean and air temperatures threaten the last remaining trees.


HERE’S SHOESTRING TRAVEL, THEN THERE’S budget travel, then there’s travel, then business travel, and then elite travel. Way, way, way up — way higher than any of those — is megarich travel. It’s the type of travel that only happens on private jets and with chauffeurs. It’s “I have a pet tiger and I could easily get away with feeding someone to it” travel.

Naturally, this level of travel requires a certain type of accommodation. There are no hostels, no shared bathrooms, no trips to the ice machine at this level of accommodation. This is Wolf of Wall Street lodging. This is “I need a place to spend the night while my manservant replenishes my yacht’s cocaine vaults” lodging.

You get the idea. These are the most expensive hotels in the world. Here’s what spending more than the majority of the world’s annual income is on a single night in a hotel room looks like.

1. The Apartment at the Hotel Connaught in London

At $23,500 a night, the Apartment offers a private butler and menus designed by Michelin-starred chef Helene Darroze. It has a wrap-around balcony overlooking London’s incredibly posh Mayfair area.

To get a good idea of just how over-the-top British blueblood opulent this place is, check out their interactive site regarding the Apartment — it includes stories of the butler flying to Paris after guests left to return the shoes they’d forgotten, and a guy who wanted to cook his wife a meal, and had a Michelin chef passing him tips behind a secret door. I mean, Christ.

2. The Presidential Suite at the Hotel Cala di Volpe in Porto Cervo, Italy

At $26,000 a night, the Presidential Suite at the Hotel Cala di Volpe in Sardinia offers three bedrooms, a solarium, a private pool, and a fitness area.

Each of the three bathrooms has a jacuzzi, an “oversized shower,” and “dual vanities of Sardinian marble.”

3. The Shangri-La Suite at the Shangri-La Bosphorus in Istanbul

At a mere $26,385 a night, the Shangri-La Suite takes up the entire top floor of the Shangri-La hotel, overlooking the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul.

There’s a TV embedded in that bathroom mirror, by the way. The room has three private terraces that give you views of pretty much the entire Istanbul skyline.

4. The Presidential Suite at the Mandarin Oriental in Shanghai

Located in spectacular, skyscraper-heavy Pudong, the best suite at the Mandarin Oriental is about $26,450 a night. It’s a two-bedroom apartment with its own wine cellar, and staggering 25th-floor views of the Shanghai skyline.

It, of course, has butler service, and they promise flexible check-in and check-out, saying you can enjoy your full 24 hours in the hotel. I should fucking hope so.

5. The Royal Suite at the Hôtel Plaza Athénée in Paris

The Royal Suite is the largest hotel room in Paris, with 450 square meters. It’s also $27,000 a night…$27,000 which totally couldn’t have gone towards paying off my student loans instead.

The suite includes televisions concealed behind the mirrors, and “all the embroidery is done with gold thread.” In large part, what you’re paying for in this suite is proximity to gold.

6. The St. Regis Villa at St. Regis Mauritius

The St. Regis Villa on Mauritius is the largest villa on the island and costs $30,000 a night.

It includes a Jacuzzi, a lounge, a bar, and a private chef. The best amenity listed on the site by far, though, is that they specialize in “discreetly addressing guests’ needs.”

7. The Royal Suite at St. Regis Saadiyat Island, in the United Arab Emirates

At $35,000 a night, the Royal Suite at St. Regis is the largest hotel room in the UAE. It has two floors, butler service, and a private theater.

It also has a swimming pool and a games room. The master bedroom takes up pretty much all of the bottom floor and looks out over the ocean.

8. The Royal Villa at the Grand Resort Lagonissi in Athens

The Royal Villa, at $35,000 a night, once played host to Mel Gibson and Leonardo DiCaprio (I assume on separate occasions — you can only produce so much cocaine and booze on short notice). It has two master bedrooms, each with marble bathrooms with their own steam baths, as well as the butler’s quarters.

There’s also a private massage area, a heated pool, and a private deck overlooking the beach.

9. The Penthouse Suite at the Grand Hyatt Cannes Hôtel Martinez

At a quaint $37,500 a night, the Penthouse Suite at the Hotel Martinez in Cannes offers views of the Bay of Cannes (from a terrace Jacuzzi, of course), and two king-size bedrooms.

Strangely, compared to the other suites on this list, the Grand Hyatt’s amenities list, rather than using the words “opulence,” “luxury,” and, “gold-leaf covered heated toilet seat,” lists things like “wireless internet,” “a bathrobe,” and “Windows that open.” Don’t let that understated description fool you, though — according to Billionaire.com it is the fourth most expensive hotel room in the world.

10. The Hilltop Estate Owner’s Accommodation at the Laucala Island Resort in Fiji

Not only is this villa $40,000 a night, but you can’t just book the room. You have to apply for the privilege of giving them enough money to pay the equivalent of most four-year in-state college tuitions over the course of a day.

The entire island is owned by Red Bull’s billionaire owner (I know what you’re thinking: Red Bull was a billion dollar idea?), and consists of 25 villas, but this is the best. It has panoramic views of the island, free massages, horse rides on the beach, and I imagine it allows you to hunt the deadliest game of all: man.

The webpage — which uses the word “opulent” like it’s a good thing — also says it provides a private cook, a chauffeur, and a private nanny. It will, and I quote, make your “undreamt of pleasures come true.” Which sounds like an underestimation of the weird pleasures people dream about.

11. The Ty Warner Penthouse at the Four Seasons in New York

The Ty Warner Suite at the Four Seasons in New York will set you back a cool $45,000 a night. It’s the highest hotel room in New York, with a 360 view of the city, and it took 7 years and $50 million dollars to build. The room has its own art concierge and also a huge library. It only houses three — with accommodations for a child (and let’s be honest, the only child that will ever stay here is Prince George).

Here’s their website’s pathologically detailed description of the bathroom: “The master bathroom is entirely clad in custom slabs of rare Chinese onyx and includes sinks carved from solid blocks of rock crystal, underlit with LED lighting. Unwind in a chromatherapy infinity soak tub or an oversized Dornbracht steam rain shower with six body jets. Other features include a Toto Neorest toilet with wireless remote, sensors and heated seat, and floors with radiant heat. The walls, ceiling and sink in the jewel-like guest powder room are fashioned from semi-precious tiger’s eye stone.”

12. The Sky Villa at the Palms Resort in Las Vegas

At $40,000 a night, the Sky Villa offers a private glass elevator, a glass spa jutting out over the balcony with views of the strip, a dry sauna, and 24-hour butler service.

There are actually a few Sky Villas, but the most luxurious one is called the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa. Because it’s Vegas, so of course.

13. The Burj Al Arab in Dubai

No catalogue of the gaudily expensive would be complete without a mention of Dubai. While many of our other hotels on this list get a spot by merely having an absurdly expensive and luxurious suite, the Burj Al Arab gets on for having nothing but absurdly expensive luxury suites.

All of their suites are duplexes, and the cheapest of them is $2,000 a night. Not including taxes and fees. The most expensive is $12,000 (depending on the exchange rate). This may well be — overall — the most expensive hotel in the world.

The amenities? You can get around in their Rolls-Royce, Mercedes, and helicopter transfer services. Or take advantage of their personalized butlers. Also, you can go to their four swimming pools and private beach, or get free access to a nearby waterpark. It’s a great place to go to show your complete contempt for the concept of moderation.

14. The Shahi Mahal Suite at the Raj Palace Hotel in Jaipur, India

$45,000 US. For a night. It’s got 6 bedrooms, a private theater, a library, and a private kitchen staff, but again: It’s 45 grand a night. It’s a particularly good fit if you’re a Bond villain, royalty, or need a nice place to get together with some friends for an old-fashioned partition of a third-world country.

15. The Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland

At 60,000 Swiss Francs a night — or about $68,000 US depending on the exchange rate — this is the most expensive hotel room in the world. The suite has hosted the likes of Bill Gates and Michael Douglas, and includes its own private elevator, gym, and pool table; it has maximum security, a Steinway Grand Piano, and a panoramic view of Lake Geneva.

The good news is that it sleeps up to 6 people (it has 12 bedrooms and bathrooms, but the site says it only sleeps 6). So you can split the price with your other comically rich friends.


A GOOD HOTEL CAN MAKE or break a trip. The worst hotel in the best place is still going to make retiring after a long day an unfortunate experience. The best hotel in the worst place, on the other hand, can be something of an oasis. Take the best hotels and put them in the best places, and you’ve got a private slice of the vacation you’ve always dreamed of.

Here are 48 absolutely epic dream hotels.

1. Ladera Resort, St. Lucia

Possibly the singular spot for your perfect Caribbean excursion, the Ladera Resort represents the intersection between design, luxury, and the ideal location. Amenities include a full spa, a host of excursion experiences, and the ability to swing straight from a bench into the pool.

2. Manta Resort, Tanzania

Ever wanted to be able to go down the stairs of your resort room, hoist the blinds, and be stared down by schools of fish? Can you get over the fact that in doing so, you’ll be painfully aware that your accommodations are anchored offshore? If you answered yes to both of those questions (as I have), then the photos of the Manta Resort have probably inspired you to add Tanzania’s Pemba Island to the bucket list.

Photographer: Jesper Anhede

3. Äscher Cliff, Switzerland

More of an inn and restaurant than a luxury resort, this getaway built right into an Ebenalp cliff is the best spot to take a breather on your trek up the northern Alps. The views here will keep you charged as you continue your trip through the Swiss mountains.

4. Giraffe Manor, Kenya

These images are not photoshopped. At Giraffe Manor, located in a suburb of Nairobi, giraffes belonging to the resident breeding and conservation program will join you for breakfast.

5. Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

If you’ve never heard of this place, you’ve probably spent an enviably small amount of time on the internet. With its infamous glass igloos and log cabins, the Hotel Kakslauttanen offers an exclusive inside-while-outside winter experience. You know, so you can be immersed in the beauty of frozen forests and incredible winter auroras while simultaneously safe and comfortable inside your own private bubble of warmth.

6. Ubud Hanging Gardens, Bali

One part boutique hotel, one part epic infinity pool over the Ayung gorge, one part Payangan jungle, and one part architectural masterpiece combine to make one smooth cocktail of a resort. While the Ubud is known for its terraced tree villas, it’s really all about the award-winning pool. (Literally, this pool has won awards.)

7. Icehotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

At the absolute top of my bucket list, the Icehotel is like living in an art installation. A very cold art installation. Though the ice accommodations are available for only one season a year (for what I hope are obvious reasons), the hotel also offers “warm accommodations” and a host of summer activities, including “art experiences with ice, and adventures in the surrounding wilderness under the midnight sun.”

8. Cocoa Island Resort, Maldives

Just a 40-minute speedboat ride from the archipelago’s main airport, Cocoa Island floats as a cluster of 33 over-water suites (straight out from those sweeping white sand beaches you’ve seen in every tropical island fantasy you’ve ever had). With two private diving reefs to explore, who’s got time for spa treatments?

9. Loisaba Star Beds, Kenya

Two sets of outdoor “star beds” can be found in the Kenyan wilderness — the “Kikobo” beds overlook the waterhole from which they take their name, and the “Koija” beds sit on stilts over the Ewaso N’giro river. Each “star bed” is partially sheltered and contains a “Mukokoteni” (a specialty handcrafted bed on wheels, for moving into and out of the shelter). Kenya is known for its wildlife, so you’re bound to see some amazing creatures in this outdoor getaway.

10. Burj Al Arab, Dubai

One of the tallest hotels in the world, the Burj Al Arab sits on a private, manmade island 1,000 feet offshore and is connected to the mainland by a private bridge. Inside the tower (designed to look like the sail of a ship) are 202 double-story rooms, the largest of which covers 8,400 square feet and is the 12th most expensive hotel suite in the world.

11. Treehotel, Sweden

The multi-styled Swedish Treehotel comprises such rooms as: the Cabin, the Mirrorcube, the Bird’s Nest, the Blue Cone, the UFO, the Tree Sauna, and the Dragonfly. Though perhaps a little literal in the naming of the rooms, the architecture and execution at the Treehotel are pretty next-level and make for a unique experience in the Swedish forest.

12. Hotel Marques de Riscal, Spain

Designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry, this luxury hotel is situated in the heart of Spanish wine country in the medieval town of Elciego. The property is famed for its Basque-Riojan cuisine and also has a rooftop library lounge with views of the Spanish countryside.

13. Dedon Island Resort, Philippines

According to the resort’s website, the property’s creators conceptualized Dedon Island as a “kind of laboratory” for realizing experiments in outdoor design, organic farming, and sustainability.

14. Phinda Homestead, South Africa

Small-scale and utterly luxurious, the Phinda Homestead is a family-size lodge situated on a private game reserve
within the KwaZulu-Natal region of South Africa. No one around but you, the lodge staff, and the wildlife.

15. Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

Managed by the Kempinski Group of hotels and resorts, this seven-star property is the second most expensive hotel ever built. Might as well play the part and arrive via the private marina or helipad.

16. Conrad Maldives Hotel

With its glass-bottomed bungalows and underwater rooms, the Conrad Maldives Hotel has serious appel. To reach it, you have to take a 30-minute private seaplane, but on arrival you can enjoy any of their 101 carefully curated cheeses and 20,000 wines, while being surrounded by whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins, turtles, and “an excellent coral reef.”

17. Alpina Gstaad, Switzerland

The Swiss ski village of Gstaad is one of the top resort areas in the Alps, and the Alpina is pretty much the top-of-the-line accommodations for those who have the scratch. The views from your room’s balcony couldn’t get much better.

18. Hotel de Glace, Quebec, Canada

The first (and only) true ice hotel in North America, Hotel de Glace opened in 2001 and has been rebuilt every December since. With a three-month lifespan, the features of this hotel are different each year, but it’s famous for its recurring chapel, bar, and grand ice slide.

19. Gamirasu Cave Hotel, Turkey

This recently renovated hotel, used since the Byzantine era as a monastic retreat, had been a getaway just outside of Ürgüp, in the Cappadocia region, for centuries before it was converted into a hotel for the public, which pretty much guarantees its awesomeness.

20. Katikies Hotel, Greece

On Santorini (with its signature white-and-blue color scheme), the Katikies Hotel lends further credence to the idea that not only is putting a pool on an island surrounded by water not redundant, but you can do so just about anywhere in Greece and still achieve a killer view.

21. Rayavadee Resort, Thailand

The mac-daddy of Thailand resorts, this place looks like the deserted jungle island you’ve always dreamed of waking up on after a bumpy flight to somewhere boring. To top it all off, after your day of lounging in the luxury hydro-pool your pavilion is outfitted with, you can catch the sunset from this sandy beachside cave restaurant.

22. Hotel Au Vieux Panier, France

Situated in the heart of Marseille, each room at the Au Vieux Panier has been individually decorated by an artist or graphic designer of worldwide acclaim (and the rooms change every year). Not only is there a rooftop terrace where you can look out over the city center, but also a hotel library, perfect for a relaxing night in.

23. Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Tanzania

The absolutely quintessential African safari resort, the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge acts as steward of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, a wildlife reserve home to scores of rare and endangered species. It ranks #1 on TripAdvisor as “best stay in Tanzania.”

24. Panchoran Retreat, Bali

Carved out of the Balinese jungle by Irish designer Linda Garland in an ongoing project since the ‘70s, the Panchoran Retreat is a blend of art project, resort, and ecogarden. The retreat has been home to festivals, workshops, and generations of environmentalists conducting research year round.

25. Cambrian Hotel, Switzerland

The Cambrian provides yet another option for luxury accommodations coupled with some extraordinary views of the Swiss Alps.


Top 10 Most Popular Hollywood Singer In 2015

Every soul has thirst of music because it has magic to make us relax as German philologist Friedrich Nietzsche quoted, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” No one can deny hearing music but with sweet and melodious voices and here we are talking about the Top 10 Most Popular Hollywood Singer 2015 who all made their strong identities with their best.

The vocalist trying all time to achieve top ranking in list of world’s top singers but everyone couldn’t make. We have ranked singers who are known for their marvelous voice qualities as female and male.



1. Rihanna

Hollywood’s pop queen Rihanna, gave hit numbers after discovering herself one of the best singer as critically acclaimed for her debut. Rihanna’s every songs grabbed everyone attraction nationwide and hence remained successful to achieve top ranking in our Top 10 Most Popular Hollywood Singer 2015 list. The 27-year-old Barbadian singer received many awards in her career as 2 BRIT awards, 6 Grammy awards, 8 American music awards, 22 Billboard music awards and other.


2. Adele

British vocalist Adele Laurie Blue Adkins who has exceptional voice quality and better known by her field name Adele, her every number hit fans’ hearts worldwide. The 26-year-old Adele won awards BBC Sound of 2008 and Critics Choice award for her first album as well as awarded by Academy award and Golden globe award for Best Original Song ‘Skyfall’. She deserved for second rank in our Top 10 Most Popular Hollywood Singer 2015 list.


3. Beyonce

Daughter of United States’ Businessman, music manager and record producer, who proved himself as best blues & rhythm singer, her every track became most-wanted because there is a high voltage in her every number. Beyonce got married with black rapper Jay Z in 2008 and has a cute daughter Blue Ivy Carter. She also considered a highest earner in 2014. Beyonce ,33, also named so much popularity with acting.


4. Taylor Swift

America’s another shining star Taylor Swift, after born in Pennsylvania, discovered herself with extra-ordinary qualities and began work to be a super star. Having a unique beauty, became first choice of Hollywood’s filmmakers and has been worked for years as actress in some movies and also receiving offers. Seductive star who raised in Wyomissing, has numerous fans worldwide cause of elegant personality and sweet voice.


5. Justin Bieber

Canadian youngest pop star, songwriter who first time appeared on ‘Youtube’ videos and started work as singer in 2008, here begins bright future, makes to headline on social media because of indecent behavior and affairs with young models. Love song ‘Baby’ remained successful which created his strong identity in music world and working to achieve top ranking.


6. Lady Gaga

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta who known by her stage name Lady Gaga, has marvelous art of sinning and hence beloved of millions because with sweet voice she has stunning look which kill her fans. Beauty from Manhattan sang many rocking numbers but ‘You and I’, Bad Romance and Applause were liked so much.


7. Chris Brown

Born in Tappahannock- Virginia, May 5, 1989 and vowed to become music an icon in Hollywood. Chris has melodious voice and taught all skills to rule in music world. He also named word ‘Best’ for his other qualities as dancing, acting but better known for sinning with best.


8. Bruno Mars

Hollywood’s another huge name Bruno Mars who showed his outstanding skills as choreographer, producer and singer. Bruno’s name also comes in one of the youngest pop stars of American music industry. Bruno can play more than four instruments and ‘When I Was Your Man’ and ‘Just the Way You Are’ made all time hit numbers of him.


9. Jennifer Lopez

Huge model of talent remained successful to get ranking in our Top 10 Most Popular Hollywood Singer 2015 list just because of her versatility, Castle Hill’s beauty renowned for acting skills and singing as well as ruling in fashion world in terms of her unique look. Multifaceted Lopez sang some many songs and received lots of praise from the audience as her party number ‘Get on The Floor’ became every green.


10. Katy Perry

Young, versatile American pop star Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson who better known by her stage name Katy Perry, was born on 25 October, 1984 Santa Barbara, California in United States. Katy born with music passion and music was in her soul as in her childhood showed some glimpses of her talent which acclaimed, 30-year-old gorgeous beauty made her place in top ranking.